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Not an artist.
But I see concepts in my head and enlist help from artists to bring them to life.
When the 1987 Transformers catalog was released, it was packed with exciting new stuff: Headmasters, Targetmasters, new Gestalts, Triplechanger Headmasters and even a six-changer!

But none of that had me as awestruck as the Doublespy - An Autobot, Punch who had an additional robot form, as a Decepticon, Counterpunch (P/CP)!

Mind blown.  Imagine the intrigue he would get into and the story arcs.

I prayed thereafter that this character would be featured in the G1 cartoons.

Disappointment ensued, particularly when he got his ass handed to him by Decepticon clones: Wingspan & Pounce on his only G1 cartoon appearance.  

Even Mobage's TF Legends game didn't include him in their artwork roster.

Guess I got tired of waiting.

Research into this concept took months.  I knew a combat scene wouldn't flesh out this character's strengths; it needed to be subtle.  So I settled on a concept that simultaneously included espionage and revenge. 

P/CP's appearance hasn't been consistent throughout the boxart/toy/US cartoon/JP Cartoon.  So I took some creative license and had what I thought were the visually better parts from each rendition incorporated into this piece.

And I think it turned out incredibly well.  

This scene shows P/CP performing his role as a double agent (true persona reflected) freeing his Dinobot comrades from a Decepticon Detention Center.

Add a little sweet revenge - the only thing standing in the way of their inevitable jailbreak are their soon to be overwhelmed jailers, Wingspan & Pounce.

Artist LieSetiawan
Feedback: So amazing I had to come back for another collaboration.  'Nuff said.

Transformer Doublespy by LieSetiawan


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